Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Seven C to Satisfying The Customer Needs

To satisfying the customer needs we can use "the seven C":
  1. Customer value. The product, viewed from the customer’s point of view. Customers go after what they value. So, identifying what customers’ value will be paramount.
  2. Cost to the customer. This may include time, effort, inconvenience, etc., as well as money to satisfy a need.
  3. Convenience. Place, from the customer viewpoint, is convenience.
  4. Communication. This is crucial and better than promotion since it should be viewed as a two-way mechanism with customers rather than a one-way ‘promotion’. Customers like to be heard, really listened to, rather than promoted to.
  5. Competency. From the customer’s viewpoint, when the customer interacts with a person delivering that service, it is the ‘competency’ of that person that is crucial. Not just people. The customer experiences how capable the people are (competent not only in caring for the customer, but capable of making decisions that solve the customers’ problems, find the product and deliver a personal or often individual service).
  6. Customer relationship management. Having purchased a product, the customer does not want to be told that there is a system that they must follow if they wish to complain. The concern with many of these processes is that they do not track customers’ interaction with the organisation until they have the problem. That is not what the customer wants. More important, is the way that the organisation manages all the customers’ interactions, thus building a relationship over time. Rather than process, the focus should be on ‘customer relationship management’.
  7. Context. After all context is all-important.


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