Monday, February 9, 2009

Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing provides an opportunity to improve the precision and effectiveness of marketing programs by handling all aspects of marketing through a single source. An integrated marketing solution uses the most appropriate media and communications techniques to achieve marketing objectives. There is no ‘lead’ technique, and the solution could include any of the following: advertising, direct marketing, telemarketing, web marketing, e-mail communications, public relations, internal communications, incentives, sales force communications, distributor communications, retail support, product and technical information, corporate identity and corporate communications, presentations and exhibitions, and or relationship marketing.
In traditional marketing, many of these activities would be handled by separate specialist agencies or suppliers. The marketing effort is fragmented and the results could be conflicting communications that confuse the customer. In integrated marketing, all communications are channeled through a central coordinator and handled by a single agency. The key benefits are creative integrity, consistency of messages, unbiased marketing recommendations, better use of all media, greater marketing precision, operational efficiency, and cost savings.
In more complex business-to-business markets, integrated marketing is used to build effective relationships with the many different people involved in the purchase decision-making process. Although all communications use a consistent message, that message can be tailored to the interests and concerns of individual decision makers.


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